Usage tips

Wax Melts

Put the wax melts on the dish of your warmer and follow the instructions on your warmer. We recommend using 3 pieces at a time.

Melted wax does not evaporate; only the scent dissipates, so make sure to remove the used wax from your warmer before adding new pieces.
Wax melts are also great for scenting drawers and closets. Do not place waxes directly in contact with fabrics.

Classic Candles

Burn your scented candle for at least 2 hours, allowing the wax to melt all the top of the candle, and no longer than 4 hours at a time. Trim the wick down to around 5mm when necessary before you relight it, in order to control the size of the flame. This will prevent soot and the flame from getting too big and will extend the life of the candle.

3 Wick Candles

Light the 3 wicks of your scented candle at the same time (we advise against lighting only 1 or 2 wicks) for at least two hours, allowing the entire surface of the candle to melt for no more than 4 hours at a time.
Before lighting the candle again, trim the wicks to just 5MM. This prevents the flames from getting too high and producing smoke, and it maximizes the candle life.

Ribbed Taper Candles

Place the candle on a stable, non-flammable base* and enjoy the soft glow that emanates from the cotton wick. Always remember to trim the wick to 7 mm before lighting.
Leave a space of at least 10 cm between lit candles.
To protect the color and shape, keep the candle away from direct sunlight and heat. When not in use, store them lying down, in a dry, cool room.
*Do not light the candle on the tablecloth as it can catch fire.
Always burn candles within sight and away from children and pets.