Home Collection

HOME COLLECTION é a nossa coleção original, inspirada na beleza e abundância dos perfumes da natureza e nas suas possibilidades infinitas. Escolha entre doze maravilhosos aromas inspirados pela Natureza e crie ambientes mágicos, repletos de boas energias. Para combinar com a estação, relaxar ou elevar o seu estado de espírito.
Vanilla Wood

Enveloping, woody and sensual. Enveloping, woody and sensual. A perfect encounter between bourbon vanilla, tobacco leaf, dried fruits and spices, wrapped in a base of precious woods, tonka bean and musk.

Baltic Amber

Powerful and seductive woody fragrance. Soft accords of sesame and a slight hint of citrus give way to an exotic combination of vetiver, cedar, sandalwood, vanilla and amber, wrapped in light accords of coconut and sensual musk.

Cassis Rose

A sparkling, green, fruity and floral fragrance. Top notes of tagete, grapefruit, orange and cassis are dominated by the delicate charm of rose and supported by an intoxicating cocktail of precious woods, amber and white flowers that will awaken your senses.

Mediterranean Herbs

A green, vibrant and luminous aromatic fragrance that evokes freedom. Acidic notes of lemon, grapefruit and coriander seeds are surrounded by aromatic clary sage, lemongrass, basil, white thyme and spices and supported by a sensual base of lily of the valley and amber.

Pomegranate Fig

Exquisite and exotic composition, which opens with juicy and sweet pomegranate, pink pepper, cardamom and clove, followed by body notes of fresh fig, patchouli and lily and warm base notes of amber, incense and bark of fig tree.

Peony Bouquet

A fragrant love letter that will make your heart swing. Sweet and soft peony combined with other flowers such as rose and lily of the valley, for a rich, fresh floral aroma. This delicate bouquet is wrapped in sophisticated notes of hazelnut, amber and mysterious agarwood, giving it contrast and a unique velvety touch. An invitation to new beginnings.

Coconut Lime

A perfect summer getaway. The tropical combination of creamy coconut milk with vanilla and fresh lime makes this classic an irresistible aroma.

Lavender Bergamot

Sweet aromatic fragrance that evokes sensations of tranquility and well-being. Composition of lavender flowers with citrus notes of bergamot and mandarin highlighted by notes of herbs and musks.

Mandarin Cocoa

Mandarin Cocoa é um aroma gourmand, delicioso e sedutor que evoca aquela sensação aconchegante de “lar doce lar”.

Rico e doce chocolate, combinado com tangerina, laranja e bergamota, realçado por subtis notas de avelã, conhaque e baunilha.

Orange Spices

This fragrance could be called Christmas Essence, due to its festive aroma, extremely welcoming and comforting. A rich, spicy aroma of cinnamon and clove, balanced by refreshing orange, rests on a base of warm woods and musk.

Pink Pepper

Joyful fragrance, which inspires adventure, romanticism or simply adds a touch of enthusiasm to any aspect of life. Fruity and floral, dominated by notes of raspberries and fresh cherries, which contrast with the warm and sensual notes of black and pink peppers and soft musk.

Fig Tree

An inspiring aroma that opens with the freshness of bergamot and nuances of lemon and verbena. Enriched with spicy ginger and infused with a delicate bouquet of flowers, it leaves a sweet trail that lingers and leaves you wanting more.

Spa Collection

Nesta coleção irá encontrar velas 100% vegetais com um conceito de aromaterapia de luxo. 4 surpreendentes aromas para elevar o espírito e acalmar a mente. Com uma performance excecional e um design “inspirado pela natureza”, todos os materiais usados nesta coleção (incluindo a embalagem), são naturais, ecológicos e vegan.

This stunning synergy of essential oils has a floral-oriental aroma, combining essential oils of: orange, bergamot, anise, cypress, ylang ylang and tagetes with cedarwood and patchouli oils.


An unexpected encounter between: Woods, Eucalyptus leaves, bay leaves and cloves.


A synergy between Lavender, lemon, mandarin, basil and Ylang Ylang.


Aromatic lavender, clary sage, chamomile and geranium, peppered with refreshing notes of bergamot.